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Mango Habanero

With fresh ataulfo mangos and the distinctive flavour of habanero this sauce has enough heat to spice up your chicken, fish, or tacos.


Strawberry Jalapeno

A mild sauce to add a little kick to your ice cream or profiteroles, add a few drops to your whip cream for scones. Spice up your chicken or pork tenderloin, use on your charcuterie board with soft cheese, this sauce if very versatile.


Smoke on the Beach

A smoky garlic, ghost pepper and habanero hot sauce. Good on everything! Pizza, eggs, wings, tacos, you name it, you'll love it. Strong depth of flavour.

Our Story

Our passion for making hot sauce began from our friend’s annual hot sauce contest, where every year we would take home the trophy for the hottest and the most flavourful sauces. Over the years we have had many compliments from friends and family on our unique and fresh tasting sauces. We offer a variety of heat preferences from mild to medium to very very very very (you can see through time) hot (definitely not for the faint of heart) Loose Islands combines our love of spice and the tropics to offer a wide variety of hot sauces and salsas. The goal of Loose Islands is to provide a premium one-stop shop for hot sauce and salsas, allowing customers to shop for high quality products easily and conveniently. We are constantly tasting new hot sauces and have tried hundreds of different varieties from around the world. We do this to be able to provide high quality hot sauces with a unique flavour profiles for our customers. Our signature hot sauces have a distinctive taste that sets us apart from our competitors. All of our hot sauces are prepared with the finest ingredients. We do aim to grow all our own hot peppers for all of our sauces, however with Canadian climate conditions this is not always possible.

We hope you enjoy our hot sauces as much as we enjoy making them.

Robyn and Craig Loose


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